Just Get A Yorkie? Know How To Brush Their Hair

Posted on: 25 June 2015

If you're like most people, you've seen the beautiful photos of longhaired Yorkshire terriers. You have probably also seen Yorkies with the short puppy cut as well. You might think that grooming this dog is the same as how others are groomed. But that assumption is incorrect. Yorkies have human-like hair, and they only have one coat of it. Yorkies do not shed, so this means that whether yours has the long show dog hair or the cute puppy cut style, daily brushing is a necessity. But this guide makes it easy. 

Step 1: Gather the Needed Supplies

  • a metal brush with a rubber back
  • a spray bottle
  • dog hair conditioner
  • a metal comb
  • a small pair of scissors

Step 2: Create the Spray Conditioner

Squeeze the conditioner into the spray bottle until is about a quarter of the way full. Then fill the remainder of the bottle with water.

Step 3: Wet Your Yorkie

Shake the mixture well and spray it on your Yorkie's back and neck. Then spray its front and hind legs. You don't need to drench your dog, just moisten its hair to prevent breakage and to promote pain-free detangling.

Step 4: Brush Your Pooch

Brush your Yorkie in the direction of the hair growth. Let the conditioner sit on any mats that you come across. After the conditioner has had the opportunity to soften the mat, use short strokes to brush them out.

Step 5: Comb Around the Face

Spray a little conditioner on the comb and gently comb the Yorkie's hair on its face and around the eyes. Yorkies love the feel of the comb on their head, so start here first to get him or her accustomed to it. Go back and forth between the head and face if your Yorkie seems to be apprehensive over the face-combing process. Work your way to the ears and then down the back of the neck.

Step 6: Cut Specific Hair

With the dog's hind leg in one hand and the small scissors in another, cut mats off around its genital region. Because this breed only has one coat that doesn't shed, this area mats quickly. Keep your Yorkie comfortable by removing mats as soon as you see them.

Not only will grooming your Yorkie daily keep them looking and feeling good, but you'll also find that this time could be a bonding experience for the two of you. Offer treats at first to help them feel more comfortable and even look forward to the experience. Ask your dog groomer for help if you run into any issues with these steps or don't feel comfortable removing mats in certain areas because they may be too close to the skin. 

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